Villa Holiday Caribbean

The Commonwealth of Caribbean islands make up a large subcomponent of the hundreds of islands in the Caribbean Sea, forming a wide arc between Florida in the north and Venezuela in the south. Varying considerably in size, the islands, which are the isolated upper parts of a submerged chain of volcanic mountains, are scattered over thousands of square kilometres of sea.

Staying in the Caribbean leads to sunny, hot days on beautiful beaches and warm nights with soft breezes blowing through open-air, seaside restaurants. Add in casinos and bars for nightlife, calypso-filled carnivals, and duty-free shopping for jewellery, alcohol, and cigars, and you’ll have the perfect vacation.

The Caribbean is alive with the magical scenery of bright blue skies, glistening azure seas and endless stretches of white-sand beaches, bordered by gently swaying palm trees. The unsurpassed beauty of the islands makes the Caribbean a favourite with holidaymakers.

The Caribbean Islands have developed an important tourist trade, and one reason for this is the large number of hours of sunshine around the year. Daily sunshine hours average from seven to ten. The winter months are the driest and sunniest and, at this time, the slightly lower Temperatures are made more pleasant by frequent sea breezes and lower humidity.

In summer high temperatures are often accompanied by pleasant sea breezes, making sunbathing very pleasant indeed. Up to 10 hours of sunshine per day is normal.

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