Villa Holiday Bulgaria

Bulgaria is in southeast Europe, where the climate is transitional between that of the Mediterranean and that of the plains of southern Russia. It has a coastline on the Black Sea and on the north the Danube forms the boundary with Romania.

The western and southern borders with Serbia and Montenegro and Greece respectively pass through mountainous country. Bulgaria has changed swiftly over the last decade, though in the villages you can still find folk who ride the donkey to work, eat homegrown potatoes and make their own cheese.

There are lots of things to appreciate like Bulgaria’s dramatic mountains, haven-like monasteries, churches, mosques, Roman and Byzantine ruins, and the excellent coffee you’ll be offered wherever you go. Bulgaria’s sun kissed beaches are the new hotspot for holidaymakers. With bargain deals and cheap food and drink, the country has recently been named one of the Top 10 international destinations.

Bulgaria’s stunning capital, Sofia, is great for weekend breaks and easily accessible from coastal airports for a beach holiday. But the real draw of the former Communist state is its 240-mile coastline known as the Black Sea Riviera. Bulgaria’s Black Sea resorts boast white sandy beaches, warm seas and temperatures that average 80F (26C) during the summer.

Bulgaria has a temperate climate, with cold damp winters and hot dry summers. Spring (April to mid-June) is a good time to visit, with mild and pleasant weather and a host of cultural events taking place. Summer (mid-June to September) has reliable weather, perfect for hiking and outdoor festivals. The ski season begins in mid-December and can last until April. Daily hours of sunshine range from about two in January to as much as ten in midsummer.